Our Service


Changing your oil is the single most important thing you can do to keep your car running right. At OIL WELL we use only premium full synthetic motor oil that is specifically recommended for your vehicle. Combined with a premium ultra synthetic long life oil filter it allows you to go longer between oil changes. It’s better for your vehicles engine and saves you time and money.


Want to spend the time driving over to the local dealership or oil change place and sit in their waiting area while your vehicle is being serviced? Didn’t think so. OIL WELL comes to you and performs the same (if not superior) service. Your time is valuable and we recognize that. Have your vehicle serviced by us at home, at work and always at your convenience.


If you care about your vehicle you should avoid places advertising $19.99 or $29.99 oil changes. What their using is “bulk” or generic recycled oil and a cheap no name filter. Which might be ok for a while but won’t hold their protective properties as long. Full synthetic oils combined with long life synthetic grade filters mean you can go much longer between changes. It’s better for your vehicles engine and costs less over time!


Whether at your home or at your work you’ll receive courteous professional service. We use full ground protecting equipment so your not left with any mess. And in addition to changing your oil and filter we’ll check and adjust your tire pressure and fill your washer fluid. We also provide a visual inspection of the engine compartment and under carriage and let you know if anything isn’t right. We’ll even reset your “oil change light” if your vehicle has one. All this for less than what you’d pay at a dealer or drive in place for the same service!


Call or schedule¬† an appointment online by clicking “online appointment” in the menu, give us a little information about your vehicle and that’s it. Your car will thank you for it.